The Power Within
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The Power Within
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The Power Within

The Power Within

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90cm x 90cm

There are two types of lightning, negative strikes and positive strikes. Positive strikes are 5 times more powerful than negative strikes. When things overwhelm us we need to put them in perspective. A force striking the ground can be seen in two ways, damaging or for what it’s potential could be. Lightning helps fertilize plants by dissolving unusable nitrogen and produces ozone, a vital gas in our atmosphere that helps shield the planet from rays of harmful ultraviolet sunlight. It helps the earth rewire and energise itself.

It’s damage outweighed by its positives and necessary for the earths function. In our lives we have the same, a force of something that feels so fierce it changes our path. Negative or positive it’s up to us how we receive and utilise the impact. It’s our journey and it’s within us all to see the opportunity. The representation of the force is shown in the replication of the strike in the top corner. It’s produces a vibration that pulses in and out through our journey. This is shown in the movement of the flow line, in and out like a heart beat, pushing out into Country. Growth shown with the bright colours generating all over the piece showing positive growth and change. The yarning circles are who it effects and brings together. New opportunities mean new beginnings, new people in our lives and new conversations. Our path is our responsibility though and no one else’s. The lesson is in trusting what is placed in front of us, it comes from our Ancestors who watch over us. However the positive/negative is up to us to determine and it reminds us to keep our spirit strong so we have the ability to make healthy choices which steer us down the right path.

Our footprints need to move forward and our actions (represented by the hand prints) always moving us up and onward. We need to use each changing force in our lives to produce our own protective shield. And let our decisions be the solvent to things that prove un-useful to our journey.  This is my representation of positive and negative impacts and walking a path that respects our forefathers and mothers ways.

All artworks, imagery, narratives and designs are copyright to AMAA with all rights reserved.
All sales are provided for personal use only and no on-sale by galleries or retailers is permitted without prior permission of myself the artist. All copyright of original works is held by me the artist and no copyright or commercial rights are given.

Care Conditions

  • Digital Approved Garment
  • Machine Cold Wash with like colours
  • Do not dryclean
  • Do not tumbledry
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang dry in shade
  • Do not iron if printed
  • 100% Cotton

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