Journey of Evolution
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Journey of Evolution

Journey of Evolution

Journey of Evolution

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Narrative: The journey how does it begin? Does it start with one human placing a foot in the ground and then another? No. All journey’s start with the Creator. The Creator makes the waterways, the Country, the animals, the people, the plants. He gives us our songlines, language, lore, values, kinship systems and spirit. The Creator provides the very elements that provide life, sustainability, growth and future. Our Ancestors provide guidance in the spirit to continue to remember the lesson. Our Elders guide us in the physical to not stray from our responsibility and path. Our parents provide nurture, education of self, safety and knowledge of our role.

Our young people the student who will retain this and the future’s sustainability. Guidance, actions, lessons, values, responsibility. Knowing when to plan, knowing when to move, knowing when to care, knowing when to listen, knowing when to speak. Knowing from listening, from learning, from doing, from mother from father, from Elder, from Ancestor. Told by Creator. Family, built on lore and kinship. Spread as far as our footsteps or vessel will take us. Across Country, rivers and soil. Acceptance and retention given in our way of sharing, knowledge, resources, opportunities but all for the assurance that what is needed next season will be there. Generational growth and assurance. We survive, flourish, progress and thrive.

All artworks, imagery, narratives and designs are copyright to AMAA with all rights reserved.
All sales are provided for personal use only and no on-sale by galleries or retailers is permitted without prior permission of myself the artist. All copyright of original works is held by me the artist and no copyright or commercial rights are given.

Care Conditions

  • Digital Approved Garment
  • Machine Cold Wash with like colours
  • Do not dryclean
  • Do not tumbledry
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang dry in shade
  • Do not iron if printed
  • 100% Cotton

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