Echoes of Country
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Echoes of Country
Medium Yellow box wood Cut on Wiradjuri Country

Echoes of Country

Echoes of Country

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From Mother Earth this Wood was grown. Her love and care shown by its growth and strength. Cut when prepared by her creatures to be hollowed. Taken in tradition to become the sound of Country. Respect played down through its swirling termite tracks, vibrating the story of movement through land, the sound of the animals, the billowing air symbolising wind, movement.

Before lessons of ceremony handed down through centuries, carefully learnt and respectfully practiced. It is the tool to tell the story in sound.

Colours of the rainbow like the warriors we now are, all shades, becoming the Carers for Country. Many people coming together, (symbolised in the gathering circles) tending to Mother to regenerate her plants (wildflowers bloom, grasses start to shoot and plant life blossoms). We remember a time when she was at her strongest and we dedicate our journey to ensuring her health is restored with each action we take, with each movement we make.

Our heartbeat in sync with all those in our rainbow warrior tribe, we remember our responsibility, our place, our role.

Mother’s richness, her minerals her balance of air, water and nutrients in her soil, allows for her womb to grow our plant life that in turn supports our animals and lastly (for it’s our way to think of things before ourselves) us.

We need her well and like our Elders, parents and family who are old it is our duty to ensure she receives the care she requires in abundance.

Rainbow Warrior - will you care for her, will you protect her, will you remember your Mother... for she sees you, in your entirety standing there, she doesn’t care your shade of skin or your physical appearance. She sees her creation. That’s why she blows your hair in the breeze, warms your skin in her sun, washes you clean and refreshes you in her water and comforts you when you lay on her in long tall grasses.

Your answer I know is yes.

First in series Warrior Tribe.

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All sales are provided for personal use only and no on-sale by galleries or retailers is permitted without prior permission of myself the artist. All copyright of original works is held by me the artist and no copyright or commercial rights are given.

Care Conditions

  • Digital Approved Garment
  • Machine Cold Wash with like colours
  • Do not dryclean
  • Do not tumbledry
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang dry in shade
  • Do not iron if printed
  • 100% Cotton

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