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60cm x 50cm

This painting represents our Ancestral homelands, our forefathers and mother's are represented in the inner yarning circle, returned back to Mother and deep within her soul. Their vibration, their guidance, spiritual protection and imprint of their time walking her, across parched cracked soil (representing a road that was full of burden and required strength of indescribable measures) comes through for us to still hear today.

We in our time walking the land, need to hear them, they will still give their words to us (represented in the larger yarning circle surrounding the inner) in the wind on a barren part of Country, in the calls of the birds, in the ripple of the water, in the whisper of the grasses. Their spirit lives through us and we never forget our responsibilities.

All artworks, imagery, narratives and designs are copyright to AMAA with all rights reserved.
All sales are provided for personal use only and no on-sale by galleries or retailers is permitted without prior permission of myself the artist. All copyright of original works is held by me the artist and no copyright or commercial rights are given.

Care Conditions

  • Digital Approved Garment
  • Machine Cold Wash with like colours
  • Do not dryclean
  • Do not tumbledry
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang dry in shade
  • Do not iron if printed
  • 100% Cotton

High quality canvas

All prints are made with the highest grade canvas


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