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Breaking Free
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Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Breaking Free

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Breaking Free is a painting I have had in my mind for many years.

This is my interpretation of history and what injustices our people have suffered in time, that have long gone unacknowledged.

With the chains being broken it symbolises freedom. The markings on the chest and the bone through his nose, symbolising his status in the tribe as a significant man, warrior, knowledge holder showing the true strength of our people and our traditional ways. The raised leg symbolises the first step to freedom which so many of our people across Australia dreamt of through this period of time. Our schools and education systems in Australia need to work to ensure true history is taught about what took place in Australia during these times. We as First Nation and the wider community can learn a lot if we stand together. I believe within my heart that we can take the steps to ensure history is taught and spoke of properly.

Note: For any prints over one metre will not be able to purchase online for overseas address. Please inquire about shipping process in this size.range.

All artworks, imagery, narratives and designs are copyright to AMAA with all rights reserved.
All sales are provided for personal use only and no on-sale by galleries or retailers is permitted without prior permission of myself the artist. All copyright of original works is held by me the artist and no copyright or commercial rights are given.

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