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Allan McKenzie Bioscape Magazine

Bioscape Magazine - NM Biopark Society

Allan, along with his wife Shannon, are working as consultants through the BioPark’s new exhibit, which is still in the design phase, the people and places of Australia will come alive through color and texture, stories and settings, symbols and sounds. This journey of the senses is designed to take visitors to a place that many of them may never see and give them the opportunity to experience and understand. “We want people to leave there thinking: I can feel the essence of this country, these homelands, and I want to be a part of its preservation,” said Shannon Barnes, who added that the new level of cultural awareness, “can be worldwide now with concepts like this.” Whilst there in September 2019, Allan completed the front entrance mural. Titled Nguluway, it depicts the journey across the seas, meeting, planning, preparing and coming together as family, to commemorate the beginning of this amazing world first partnership.

Allan McKenzie - Bioscape Magazine Cover and Editorial alongside his wife Shannon, is the first human to grace the front cover in the history of its publication.

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