Proud Gamilaroi/Wiradjuri man Proud Gamilaroi/Wiradjuri man, artist
and artefact maker


Artist Bio

I am a proud Gamilaroi/Wiradjuri Aboriginal artist & artefact maker. I specialise in artefact creation made from traditional methods & contemporary art.

A bit about myself: 

In my life and work, I teach through conviction and widely known for my respect to Country.The Country incorporates the environment, the tangible objects, and physical attributes, but it is so much more than this to our people. It encompasses values, kinship systems, ways of learning and teaching, communicating, decision making, and care-taking. Its culture, kinship, lore, and language.

Its animals, plants, the sky, wind, water, and people. Its upheld and sustained by yindyamarra (respect, give honor, go slow, and take responsibility). Yindyammarra for mayiny (people), balugan (animals), danba-ng (plants), ngadyang (water) and ngurambang (Country). Our culture cannot be seen with an untrained eye. It is learned through our Ancestors, teaching our Elders, teaching us, and us teaching our children. You need to "see" it. It is told in the narrative, seen in the painting, felt in the artefact, and then it is cared for in the physical. We are Country.

My art has been a significant part of my life, and I cannot remember a time I didn't paint. I learned to play didgeridoo/yidaki from the age of four and have been practicing this craft ever since. It is my escape, my strength, my connector, and part of my identity. ‍My art, dance, and didgeridoo performances have opened many doors, gained me many friends and colleagues over the years. I am grateful for my gift, which has allowed me to extend my kinship circle to now have family from all over the world.

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